Office Headquarters:   219.805.6878 | 219.381.4130

Financial and Economic Stability

My top priority when I became the Mayor for the City of Gary was to access the city’s financial condition. With years of mismanagement of the city’s finances and poor efforts to balance the city’s budget by my predecessors I knew that the task would be challenging. In just my first term, my administration and I have been able to balance the city’s bank ledgers, reduce $7 million dollars of long-term debt and we now have a better understanding of where the city stands financially. My goal is to continue to identify ways to reduce the city’s debt, increase revenue and identify revenue-driven economic development opportunities that will help us invest in our communities, provide raises to all City of Gary workers.

  •           Debt Reduction
  • Increase City Revenue
  • Transparency
  • City Investments for financial sustainability

Public Safety

  • Recruitment and Training
  • Equipment and Resources
  • Code Enforcement
  • Officer and Firefighter Safety
  •           Jobs (Adults and Youth)
  • Business Development
  • Home Ownership/Affordable Housing
  • Addressing Blight
  • Structure Reuse
  • Zoning

New Innovation

  •           Energy Efficiency
  • High Speed Internet
  • Northwest Indiana and Midwest Hub for Clean Technology
  • Green businesses and residential
  • More community friendly green spaces